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Getting ready ahead of time will save you time and frustration on the water

Joseph BanikComment

If you are like me, you like to get in as much time on the water as possible.  I always try to have my rod rigged up so when I arrive, I'm ready to go. Put on my boots and head down to the water, before someone else beats me to my favorite spot. Sometimes you want to see what’s happening with the bug life when you get there. But in most cases if you check the reports or have a good knowledge of the river or lake you plan to fish, you'll have good idea of what flies to use before you arrive.  That doesn’t come without problems… Have you ever just got on the water and on your first hookup you break off your flies? In my case it's often on my first cast and I'm in the trees and the first rig of the day gone. 

 I've come across a product that I wish I'd thought of. LOON Outdoors now has a pack of 3 foam spools (RIGGING FOAM) so you can pre-rig 3 sets of flies before you head out to the water. These are great for those cold days where your hands aren't working so well. I like to rig up my rod before I go and have 1 duplicate rig on the first rigging foam spool. I then have 2 other rigs with possible choices that might produce fish. It's nice to have flies rigged up when you are fishing tiny midges and your eyes are tearing up from the cold and wind.

 Get the LOON Tippet Stack holder or the New FLY TRAP to hold the LOON RIGGING FOAM at https://qualiflyproducts.com/