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Watch Out for the Redds

Joseph BanikComment

Watch Out for the Redds

I know I bring this up every year. But I believe a friendly reminder is in order to enable us all to keep enjoying our passion for fishing. 


Reproduction plays an important part of the trout lifecycle during the fall months for both brook and brown trout. Brook trout usually spawn during late September through October. Brown trout typically spawn in October through late November. However, each stream is very different and spawning will start at different times. 

During the spawn, the coloring on the trout will intensify, especially in the males. Females will create gravel beds called "redds" for the dropped eggs to be fertilized. It is very important to avoid fishing these sections on the stream where you see redds. Be careful not to kick them up or walk on them when wading. It is best to leave trout swimming overtop redds alone and give them a chance to protect the eggs.

Enjoy your fall fishing trip but be mindful of these wonderful fish we so much enjoy pursuing.